The DDOS racing team was established in 2019 by Tony Perez. It was created on a whim after visiting King of the Hammers in 2019 for an hour.

He left the KOH 2019 thinking to himself, "That looks like fun, how hard can it be?" Turns out to be pretty freaking hard.

A series of unfortunate events introduced the opportunity to purchase the DTR vehicle and DDOS was born. Unfortunately, the rig suffered a series of breaks in 2019 that forced a rebuild of the original rig.

The hard work associated with physically building the rig goes to Darin Doucette, Clayton Dahl and Jordan Hettinger. Without these three gentlemen, the team would not exist.

What's DDOS mean?

The DDOS name pays homage to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), a cyber attack designed to inundate, and make unavailable, a network. This was one of a series of attacks that Tony's prior company, Sucuri, helped mitigate. Mitigating these attacks facilitated the creation of this team.

Who is Tony?

Tony is a tech entrepreneur. Current Founder of CleanBrowsing a service that helps create family friendly networks.

Tony just wants to drive hard and fast, see what happens.

The Team


Clayton Dahl

Lead Mechanic

Jordan Hettinger

Lead Mechanic / Welder